Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cantina Del Ponte

So in our search for Best Restuarant in London we took Nunhead Mum of One's top recommendation for our Father's Day lunch today. It was a last minute booking which we made online - we looked on the menu, Nunhead Mum's favourite dish of monkfish was there, brilliant, and they did pizzas which guarantees a happy Scrap.

When we got there the waiter was charming and we chose a lovely outside table. Unfortunately the monkfish was no longer on the menu and the pizza oven had been broken for 4 months.

We had:
1 glass of house white - a lovely soft Trebbiano
2 bottles of san Pellegrino
1 starter which we shared: bresaola - very good and simply presented
1 kids spaghetti with tomato sauce - fine
1 slow roast pork - fantastically well cooked, fell apart as soon as the fork touched it, came with potatoes but no veg
1 bourrida fish stew (£15!) - pretty disappointing - so salty I couldn't taste anything and the squid was chewy
1 wonderful pistachio ice cream
1 creamy double espresso
1 fresh mint tea

You know, this is a good restaurant in a lovely riverside setting, but I think for a £68.06 lunch which included just one glass of wine, only one starter and only one pudding, it should have been a lot better. Maybe by night it is.


Steve Cadman said...

It's a shame a lot of resterants have taken to charging for Vegetables seperately, I don't regard a plate of pork as a full meal.
The ice cream looks good though!

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Dear me, does this recommendation place me quite firmly in the Landcroft House book of "Don't Listen to Her"?

How can an Italian restaurant have non working pizza ovens? And mention monkfish on the menu but have none ready to cook? I shall get Bea to have words with Terence when she next shares a lift with him in Harrods.