Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cake That

There is a lady called Michelle who is an award winning cake maker. That's one of hers to the right (who knew George Michael even had a daughter?). Anyway, some of them are fairly amazing, but you'd feel a bit uneasy tucking into this one, no?


BLTP said...

RE: Babycakes urrggh I suppose you could mix in some placenta for extra eewwww factor!

Five-Centres said...

That's vile. A woman I work with makes the most fantastic cakes along these lines. She can do anything you ask. Some of her creations have been truly remarkable, not least the 40th birthday cake she did for me with a figure - of me! Which I ate.

Fraser said...

My mother used to do this kind of thing - not nearly as precisely, but her efforts weren't too shabby.

For one birthday party (I would've been about seven) she made a cake that looked like a motorway junction, complete with flyovers, traffic signs and tiny cars.

Mmmm, placenta.