Friday, October 19, 2007

Hello? Landcroft House...

"Hello Landcroft House, it's George Clinton here."
Hello George Clinton. It's lucky you called - can you tell us something?
"I'll try..."
What is the best record ever made?
"Wow... Well, I think it's probably Bernadette by The Four Tops. It's just so brilliantly produced, every time I hear it I'm amazed. But I love Sgt Pepper too..."
You're only allowed one.
"Oh, OK."
Thanks for calling, bye!

George tackles fishing, lamb chops and "young girls" over at the very wonderful new WORD website...


ally. said...

funk overlord is a phrase i shall be overusing frantically from now on.
sgt pepper - oh george really.

Rob said...

Hey Ally
Sgt Pepper's big news. I spoke to DMC recently and he couldn't stop banging on about it...

ally. said...

yeah but they like phil collins too