Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dulwich Mirror Pictures Gallery: 1

I have decided to post all the pictures that include the word DULWICH in the very excellent Daily Mirror picture library (or as many as I can before I get caught).

This absolute classic is Reference Number WA447362
CAPTION: Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) with German actress Anita Pallenberg and eight day old son Marlon leaving Kings College Hospital Dulwich London.

Now, I'm guessing here, but they mean Kings College Hospital, Camberwell, right? Like the Kings College Hospital, Camberwell where Landcroft House's own son and heir was born? How rock and roll are we again?

More tomorrow. PLUS: some exclusive tittle-tattle with George Clinton.


Planet Mondo said...

Blimey it's Prince (the one on the right, not the one in the middle). from the cover of When Doves Cry

Rob said...

Ha! I think you might be right...