Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mini Disco

On our recent holiday, Scrap enjoyed the Mini Disco in the outdoor 'amphi-theatre' to a degree where any suggestion that maybe we do something else was met with such extreme upset that we ended up going night after night. And it was exactly the same, night after night. Eventually, we began to revel in the torture and I ended up paying eighty times too much for one of their home-pressed 10p cds. So, I am delighted to be able to share with you this brilliant song, which apparently, is from the Russian soundtrack to Pinocchio. I have also got an Italian train song (chuka-chuka-choo-choo) and the original German version of the Birdie Song should anyone like me to post them. And Scrap knows all matching dance routines by heart if you need a few ideas.


BLTP said...

On the subject of music for Children, my nieces and nephews liked the "they might be giants childrens lp". It's enjoyable for adults too (if you like tmbg), you can put is on as a lullaby also as it gets quieter gradually towards the end, the cd is enhanced with games too.

Louise said...

Oh, go on, post the train song!

angela said...

Oh dear, oh no what have I done to my nephew?? Post a picture of the bread ladies if you have one please because I MISS them