Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boiled Crayfish

We accidentally ended up with some crayfish from Moxon’s on Saturday morning. I was buying bread from the stall outside when Scrap yelled for me to come in and look at ‘the naughty creatures’. And there were loads of them having a right old brawl with each other in a box on the floor. Anyway, they turned out to be quite a bargain as they’re a bit of a problem. Originally this variety of crayfish is from America, some fool released a couple over here and they’re now rampaging around our rivers, swallowing everything in sight, so us eating them is a very good thing. Bit like grey squirrels. Problem is, they’re sold live. They’re vicious, they fight, bite and try to escape. Well they had a good go at it when we got them home and the three us all stood around squealing when it was time to get them ready for the pot. Scrap shouting ‘kill them so I can eat them!’ so loudly the windows were bowing. So into a pot of boiling, slightly salted water they went for 4 minutes and out they came bright pink with juicy, sweet tails and claws. Our twelve cost about £6, they were yum and we helped save the planet.

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BLTP said...

Hugh Complicated name off the telly puts them in the freezer to dispatch them which might be less dramtic. They don't taste muddy like some river fish do ?