Monday, June 23, 2008

Franco Manca

Despite the fact that there's a packet of Waitrose Four Cheese Ravioli in the fridge with today's date on, I thought perhaps it might be a good idea for me and Ben 10 to visit the pizza place in Brixton Market that's been getting spectacular reviews. I texted my dad-friend Michael and he and his daughter were on his bike and outside The Ritzy within half an hour. And it was properly bloody brilliant: a small selection of wood-fired, sourdough pizzas; zingy, organic, home-made lemonade at £1 a bottle; no pudding but Monmouth coffee.
Open 12 - 4pm, Mon - Sat.


Rob said...

*feels prickles of jealousy*

Clodagh said...

Can I be your neighbour and next time you can text me? And I wont be at work or miles away in the Wiltshire countryside (lovely as it is)? A cycle ride to Brixton Market for pizza sounds great.

Silvana said...

Hi Clodagh! How is everything? Next time you visit, (Mews Party?) we'll go there - the kids will love it x