Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hands Across The Waters 2: Gedera

We have a visitor from Gedera pretty much every day. I consider Gedera to be the southern edge of central Israel, but we all knew that, right? Anyway, hello citizen of Gedera. I hope you're well. Thanks for being a regular. What's happening in Gedera right now?


Ophir Zemer said...

You know, this could be me! I mean, I'm not actually from Gedera, but the town name in the live traffic feed thing appears to be selected at random (right now it says I'm from Jerusalem, of all places). Anyway, I'm pretty sure that nothing much happens in Gedera right now.

Oh, and I love your blog - the unusual combination of music and recipes really does it for me. I usually just lurk here as my English isn't good enough to actively participate in conversations.

Rob said...

Hey Ophir! That's quite something... Really good to hear from you and really pleased you like the blog. Byt the way, anyone who can write, "my English isn't good enough to actively participate in conversations" clearly is a good enough English speaker to do whatever they want. Thanks for reading!

Sime said...

Uh, can I say hello to your reader from Poggibonsi, Italy? Just cos it's a great word?