Monday, June 16, 2008

This Old Record Is Also Quite Good

Joe Tex: Looking For My Pig (Dial, 1964)
Two interesting things about Joe Tex: he had a long-term feud with James Brown after the later "stole" his wife, Bea Ford. This suggests that Mrs Tex had nothing to do with it, which seems a little unlikely, no? Secondly, less than two years after this odd ode to swine, he converted to the Muslim faith - he became Yusuf Hazziez - and, presumably, never sang this again. Which is a shame, as Looking For My Pig is not only a wonderful song, it's also one of the finest titles for a pelvicular-pointed pop stormer it's ever been my pleasure to come across. Tex died in 1982 just days shy of his 49th birthday.

More great Texual healing here...


DeSelby said...

I've got an old vinyl compilation of "The Clown Prince of Dance" (Beastie Boys) somewhere which I used to love. Show Me, Skinny Legs, Love You Save, Buying a Book. Fabulous stuff. How did "Ain't Gonna Bump" square with the muslim thing?

Rob said...

Maybe he ditched the whole novelty soul routine and just got down with the whole prayer and sacrifice thing - like Cat Stevens?