Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Do You Think?

I have been asked by The Children's Trust if I'd be interested in joining their team for The 2009 London Marathon. Obviously, it would be a great thing to do. But if I say yes now, then I will have to do it, there'll be no getting out of it later and I'll have to raise a good amount of money.
I currently run once or twice a week for 40 minutes or so. I am 5ft 2 so I have short legs. And I will be 40 by then.
What do you think? Bad idea?


Anonymous said...

Its a great idea.....
I did the Moonwalk a couple of years ago (marathon in a bra at night) and once I committed I was terrified of it - but its a fabulous experience, and what a "40" milestone!

Go Silvana....

David said...

As a non-runner 3 years ago....I did the Houston Marathon in January....its hard work but crossing that finish line is a great feeling. Not many people can look back and say that they have done a marathon.
I have now run 24 races (varying lengths, 5k, 10k, half and full marathons) since October 2006...I love it and its a great way to keep fit.

Go for it....but do the training, you don't want to do a Jade Goody!

Good luck

Davy H said...

Mr. Rob, do it. And we will sponsor you. And you will raise a fortune. And you will be pleased as punch with yourself, quite rightly.

And possibly you will be a tad sore also.

jackie said...

oh my. my gut reaction would be a resounding NO. running and boobs just don't go together. I hate running. i dont' think i coudl manage teh 40 mins twice a week that you already do.
on teh flip side - what an amazing achievement... we'd be very proud of you. and jimmy freaking saville can do it. and you get a mars bar adn a silver blanket at teh end.

so it's a definite NO /YES from me

Rob said...

good to have a lawyers opinion there

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Can you not just raise the money by making those brandy snaps and selling them at the end of the race to the waiting crowds?

And you look taller than five foot two!

dis said...

Oh for goodness sake don't be so bloody daft. I'm not taking the piss or anything, but you ain't a blinking gazelle are you. Add up all the money you would spend on new trainers, designer running kit, hypnosis and muscle relaxants - easily 200 quid. Bake some nice cakes and watch it on the telly like everyone else, then donate the 200 quid. Do you really want to make a tit of yourself on live telly ?