Saturday, March 24, 2007

Annoying People Talking About Annoying Records

Like me, most people who read this blog have super-amazing lives that never, but never, include staying in on Saturday nights and trying to make it to the end of Casualty without falling asleep in their chair with their mouth hanging open. Imagine that!

However, if for some reason tonight you're not snorting vodka off the dashboard of a hooky Jag somewhere in Whitechapel before "having it right off" in 333 (*wonders if people still snort vodka - hopes 333 is still going*) and rolling home at midday, then you might want to watch this telly programme that I'm on where annoying people (and some not annoying people) bang on about the most annoying records ever in one of that deliciously moreish List TV format.

Oh yes, it will be hilarious. The production company wanted my boss David Hepworth, but he couldn't do it. So I said I'd do it, but, in the toing and froing of the emails, I saw how much they'd offered him and how much they offered me. And mine was 20% less. So I said I'd only do it for the same money, at which point they reminded me that DH is, and I quote, "a legend". Happily, the next day, they offered me the same. Which makes me a legend too. Except, sadly, it doesn't.

Anyway, tune in and hopefully they'll have left in the bit where I am horribly rude about REM and admit to a secret love of that Nickleback record that used to be on the radio a lot.


divinemrsm said...

I saw ya!

Heidi said...

I missed it.
Bert and I got sidetracked last night opening copious bottles of wine and wading through old vinyls. We got really excited when we found an old 7'' of Big In Japan. We played it many times over and then I demanded he put it on one more time. So, that's probably a step down from watching Casualty on Saturday nights, no?

Rob said...

Ha! Get one of these!

I've still not seen it all yet - I was out myself - but I did me using the word "goggles" at one point...

Anonymous said...

Missed it, darn - but yay for you!! Fame beckons!!