Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pass The Dustbin On The Left Hand Side

I have just opened my post. Most of it was the usual CDs (looking good for Dolorean, The Sounds, LeCube and, um, The Wurzels), but one was a nice chunky one from a publishing house. So I ripped it open and found this.

I can't really describe how disappointed I was. A book about Billy Joel? Really? Why would anyone in the world want to read a book about the person who managed to write and record Uptown Girl, a song so awful that even Westlife managed to improve upon it?

This is heading straight for the FOR SALE pile. Unless there's some secret Friends Of Billy out there?


The Assassin Prince said...

Don't know the BJ man! Yes Uptown Girl was a bit lame but Piano Man, The Stranger, Captain Jack. All good shit.

Rob said...

Good to hear someone's got his back...