Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing

The Trees: Streets Of Derry (CBS, 1970)
The eagle eyed among you will have spotted that The Trees are another bunch of hairies in need of a good wash and a proper job. However, they did make some nice tunes, one of the nicest of which is Derry. Yes, it's vintage psych-tinged UK folk rock. Well, I need to get all this stuff out of the way before I start on the nu-country (clue: there is no nu country coming). Basically, if you don't like this, you won't like The Trees. This is taken from a forthcoming SonyBMG 2CD reissue set that doesn't appear to exist on the intranot yet. Sorry!

Plan B: Couldn't Get Along (featuring Thom Yorke) (Pet Cemetery, 2007)

Plan B is bloody great. In fact, he is so great that he's nicked this entire track from Thom Yorke - the world's most tedious man - and actually made it exciting. This is taken from Paint It Blacker, a collection of all the versions of tracks he couldn't clear for his very marvellous album. As this is a self-produced bootleg anyway my conscience is entirely clear about posting it. Ask me nicely and I might whack up Mama Loves A Crackhead too. Never have Hall & Oates sounded so good...



Paul said...

Trees! Remember that fantastic Island sleeve for On The Shore? The Victorian little girl spraying water?

Haven't heard a track of theirs for about 30 years.

Know what's a little odd? The singer, Celia Humphris, married Pete Drummond, who has his own vintage audio link on your Word forum today.
Their guitarist David Costa is the son of DJ Sam Costa.
Gnarls Barkley sampled 'Geordie' for St Elsewhere. (Amazing what you find out from Amazon).

Rob said...

I often wonder how anyone got anything done before the internet. Stuff must have just taken ages...