Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Gigger The Better

Last night I went to a pop concert - this is the sort of thing I used to do a lot but don't really do much anymore on account of being old and tired (and having a lot of stuff to watch on the "Toppy"). But anyway, having dined on steak and wine at the actually very pleasant Casa Mamma in Kings Cross - thanks Steve! - we wandered into the Scala as Maps (that's them up there - new career for me in the snapper game, no?) were coming on. Now, even Silvana is beginning to tell me I bang on about them too much, so I'll just say this.

If you have ever loved Kraftwerk, Spiritualized, Slowdive or My Bloody Valentine, even by default after hearing them, remixed and rejiggled, perhaps a trifle pie-eyed at some early 90s "rave" then you will love them. If you haven't you will love them anyway as the songs - songs! - are brilliant. I'll stop now.

I went for a refreshing wander to the bar before The Earlies came on. When I got back downstairs it was packed to the bloody rafters - hence this from-a-mile-away shot. The Earlies are just fantastic. They look a little like Lynyrd Skynyrd - always a good thing I find - and they sound like the sort of rangy, free-flowing yet hugely melodic psychedelic pop group that you dream of being in after eating too much unpasteurised cheese.

I'm sorry, I did not hear any of the song titles, but I remember One Of Us Is Dead from the first LP.

That is the end. Here is a picture of London this morning.

Thank you.


The Mammary Gland said...

ha ha I missed you! which is surprising, loads of the old gang in the bar. I loved the guy in the band on the right with the big tache who spent large parts of the gig with his arms aloft. They got the big horn out - all is well with the World.

Rob said...

I saw Billy but not you! Sorry to miss you Steve -they were great, weren't they...