Friday, March 30, 2007

To Moro! To Moro! I Love You, To (etcetc)

Maximo Park: Books From Boxes (Warp, 2007)

So we finished issue 51 and piled down to Moro (via Filthy's) to raise a glass and fill a fork in honour of our now ex-art director Keith who's gone and got himself a new job with Swanky & Swanky, designers to the stars.

I had a couple of Al Hambras, quite a lot of rather good vino collapso, padron peppers (one likes to go off-menu now and then, innit?) and the white pork which was so very, very good, it was like eating at home, only not having to wash up while listening to something improving on Radio 4 and eating bits of cheese straight from the fridge.

Later, we went to a bar cheeky enough to charge us a fiver to get in before turning the lights on and turfing us out 45 minutes later... Still, that's what you get for being drunkards.

Keith is now filling boxes with his accumulated blags, which makes this Maximo Park tune - one of his current favourites - spell-bindingly appropriate. Sort of.

Bye Keith! Don't be a stranger!


Tony said...

Nice headline Rob. I love Moro too. Was there a couple of birthdays ago. Have fond memories!

Rob said...

Thanks Ant! It is fantastic, isn't it?