Monday, March 05, 2007


Robert was working at home this afternoon in the basement office (aka the dungeon) which is quite rare. Scrap and me promised not to stamp dance routines out on the floor to get his attention more than once or twice if he would take us out for supper at 5.30pm. We behaved ourselves and soon enough we were heading on our way to our favourite Hoa Viet. We were disappointed to find it's closed on Mondays but by now we were desperate for soupy noodles. We remembered a Japanese place, Inshoku we'd been to years ago on Lower Marsh Street. It was still there and very good it was too. Rob ordered seafood ramen, me a salmon bento box, Scrap had special rice and we all drank green tea. Bill came to just over twenty pounds and we made it home and got Scrap to bed in time for part two of Corrie. Poor Michelle :(


dulwichmum said...

I know, poor Michelle! I never noticed that restaurant on Lower Marsh - I shall go and find it! Somewhere else for lunch! Your site is a mine of useful information. You are so lucky scrap is an adverturous eater. What a darling boy.

Rob said...

He wasn't a very "darling boy" when he got home, I can tell you that, DM!