Monday, January 07, 2008

The Lunch Bunch

Cameo: Candy ( Casablanca, 1987)

We did really well for lunch this weekend. On Saturday we went to Pad and Mel's and had dim sum, a fantastic noodle soup and quite a lot of cheese. We then walked in the park, puffing quietly. On Sunday we picked up Peter and all went to Jamie and Sarah's and had chorizo, salami, figs, pork braised in milk (thank you, The River Cafe), some amazing chocolate puddings with vanilla custard (that's them over there) and, oh yes, a huge amount more cheese. Then we bowled a few frames (on the Wii) and I proved to be hopeless at Guitar Hero. I had to push the seat back to accomodate my grotesquely swollen frame on the drive home.

In tribute to all the dairy products, the kings of 80s cheese - Cameo. This is the full 12" mix and is, by some distance, the most 80s record of all time. As you will recall...

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