Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do You Come Here Often?

I spent most of last week working just off the Edgware Road, up near Maida Vale. The area has changed a lot in recent times. Church Street market is the same but it sells more exciting and exotic ingredients but sadly, most of the old pubs seem to have gone. We were done each day by sunset and one of the few places where we could get a drink at that time was the brilliant Don Pepe restaurant round the corner on Frampton Street. Apparently, it's London's oldest Spanish restaurant and I loved it. It wasn't open at 4pm but they let us in anyway and we drank the best white wine I've ever had with a little tapa of pata negra and some salted nuts. Three days in a row we went in and ordered the same bottle of Albariño wine. For half an hour each evening we really were in Spain on our holidays.
On our last day, Friday, I went to the Spanish deli next door to buy a couple of bottles as I don't know when I'll next be back. And who was in there buying the very same bottle but that Rhys Ifans. We obviously have very similar taste in food and wine. "He buys it for Sienna," said the bloke behind the counter once he'd left. "She drinks one bottle every single day, seven days week!" So there we are. Perhaps he'll be in Hoa Viet next week with a bowl of number 108.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps I will!

Five-Centres said...

He's always knocking around the eatries of Camden. I've seen him in Strada, Sardo Canale and others, and always on his own.