Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This Record Is Quite Nice, Actually: 7

Thomas Denver Jonsson: Possession (Kite Recordings, 2008)
This is actually quite tricky as I like pretty much everything on TDJ's new album, but I've plumped for this as it's sort of lovely in a lot of ways. As we all know, Jonsson is a leading light of the Swedish indie-folk scene. Oh yes. He is a little like a rather more attractive, easier-on-the-ear Bonnie "Prince" Billy, with the added appeal of allowing some whistle-ability in to lighten the load a little. I literally think he's quite good. There, I've said it!

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BLTP said...

Having seen BPB walking bare foot through north london and seen him sans kit in the excellent film Old Joy last year, I can safely say JDJ is easier on the eye as well!