Thursday, January 31, 2008

Old Music That Sounds Good

Smokey Brooks Long Time Ago (P&P, 197?)
The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the picture is a completely different Smokey Brooks single. Well, look, don't sweat it. Monsignor Brooks basically doesn't exist on the intersquizz (apart from promoting this), so let's just accept that and move on. So, the pop record - it's great! Smokey is a fine singer, he's surveys the troubles of the world around him and, over a brass and bongos heavy funk-soul groove (that includes an extremely cool country music chord sequence in the chorus) has this advice to offer: "We can work a little harder," he wails, "pray a little a longer, love a little longer, get fings [he really does says "fings" - I like it] together baby, oh yeah...".

You know, I think those are mighty wise words...

Bonus Picture!

Here's a picture of George Best relaxing in his smokey (do you see what I did there?) nightclub in May, 1974...

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