Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Records I Can't Stand: 15

Edwyn Collins: A Girl Like You (Setanta, 1995)

We celebrated our wedding anniversary today by spending last night at the bloody fantastic Zetter hotel in Clerkenwell. We booked the full New Year's Eve package and had cocktails in the lounge bar followed by a very good dinner and then down to the residents' party with DJ Cedric from the Lava Lounge. That's when it went a bit askew. Brilliant room with velvet drapes and alcoves but not terribly nice music. REM? No thanks! Lulu? Erm... Brown Eyed Girl? Is this a wedding or something? Eventually we managed to swing our hips to an old Michael Jackson disco track and a spot of Prince but then this came on - my worst of all the world's worst - and we retired to our room and the in-house movie selection.

Anyway, Happy New Year!


Nunhead Mum of One said...

Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!

MNO xx

Clair said...

It's a shame when someone's Big Hit has no relation at all to the rest of the canon, isn't it?

Happy Anniversary, as Slim Whitman so wonderfully yodelled.

ally. said...

rip it up was crap too come to think of it.
you can always rely on a michael jackson disco tune to save a danceless night. especially if it was rock with you.
i nearly went to one of those hotel new yeary things once where sergio mendes was playing (brasil 99 were just about to be born i guess) but somehow ended up at a terrible party with lots of foul americans calling me a fag. and it was san francisco for gawds sake.

Five-Centres said...

Played to death. Loathe it.
Happy New Year!

marmiteboy said...

As a huge Orange Juice fan i hated this when it came out but repeated hearings made it grow on me. I can see where he was coming from and think he captured some of the Northern Soul feel he was after.

Not as good as Blue Boy mind.