Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 Top Tens

Portugal March 2006

1 Our new Topfield TF5800. We bought it from Super-Fi and they left it with the nice people who've just moved in over the road as we were in Derby. So we got this amazing set-top box / recorder, stopped putting money in Rupert Murdoch's pocket and got to meet our new neighbours too.
2 The soundtrack to Far From The Madding Crowd. More of this later.
3 Alela Diane and Mariee Sioux. Thanks Billy.
4 Cava. It costs, basically, nothing and it makes you feel astonishingly good. Surely this is man's greatest ever invention?
5 Music For Biscuits My favourite record of the year by some way.
6 Reading other people's blogs is always good.
7 Prosecco's pretty good too, actually.
8 The Feeling.
9 James Brown. I know he's dead. But this clip shows him to have once been the most alive man in the history of the planet.
10 My wife. My scrap. The pair of 'em... *blubs*

1 My subscription to Grazia
2 Fabio's 2nd birthday party
3 Our holiday in Egypt
4 Our blog!
5 Angela and Craig's wedding
6 Sharon and Martin's wedding
7 Camping (twice)
8 Favourite film this year - Volver - I love Penelope Cruz now

9 Favourite song this year - Rehab by Amy Winehouse
10 Favourite book I read this year - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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dis said...

topfield is great I agree. Check the signal strength in one of the menus- if less than 60 percent, you should invest in better aerial and satelite grade coax cable - makes a HUGE difference in picture quality.. dis