Monday, December 25, 2006

Records That Make Me Feel Good:
Christmas special

Shirley Bassey: Something (United Artists, 1970)

I was out shopping in Derby the other day just looking for a few last minute bits and pieces. Naturally, I didn't find anything as all the shops are full of rubbish. Perhaps you've noticed. Anyway, I was about to give up and head for home when I passed Oxfam. I tried to resist the urge to run straight in, but, like a junkie jonesing for a fix, I was powerless.

Of course, I soon remembered that almost everything in Oxfam is rubbish too. But then, having tired of Mel & Kim 12"'s and Your Hundred Favourite Tunes LPs, I found this little beauty. It cost me 49p.

How can, um, something so perfect be so cheap?


Maria Doyle said...

How very dare you!! The shops in Derby are well exciting - I cannot believe that you couldn't find anything to buy.

Tony said...

That Maria Doyle always goes on about how great Derby is. Does she work for the Derby Tourist Board? The Eagle Centre is well rubbish. Not surprised its being knocked down