Friday, December 22, 2006

Aunty Anna’s potato pizza

We arrived in Derby about midday to find it thick with fog and the trees still heavily coated in frost. There was a fire on in every room and within 15 minutes, we were scraping the bottom of our bowls of mum’s delicious leek and potato soup. At that point in came my sister Angela holding aloft a huge slab of Aunty Anna’s pizza that she’d watched her make and then waited for it to come out of the oven so she could bring it back still warm. This is how Angela said Aunty Anna made it. She rolled out a giant rectangle of pizza dough then scattered one half with grated Pecorino. On top of the cheese she spread potatoes mashed with onion and parsley then lay ham on top of the potato. She folded over the other half of the dough and tucked in the edges like a calzone. Then she lifted the whole thing into a hot oiled tray and drizzled the top with even more olive oil. It tasted like Italy.


Tony said...

sounds fantastic. Can you save me some.

Anonymous said...

hello guys, just made this and it went down very well with all the family. We all had dinner the other night with Nick , Naomi, Max and Rae. While we were there Nick showed me your clever blog, mainly so I could see that great Specials vid. I think he finds it hard to believe that he has moved all the way to Australia and found a bloke who knows what two-tone was and still listens to dexys, beat etc etc. Anyway keep the recipes and music coming.