Sunday, December 10, 2006

How hilarious

Robert never gets bored of making the same jokes. Some have been running for nearly 10 years. For example, there's a rough-looking pub near Surrey Quays, called the Caulkers we go past sometimes. Every time we pass, Robert says to me something along the lines of 'Fancy a quick one up the Caulkers, Sweetheart?' It's not very funny but I play along. Similarly, we drive past this sign near Canary Wharf probably once every couple of months. CASH FOR SCRAP it says. Every single time, Robert says ' How much do you think we'll get for him?'

And every time:

I laugh

I should get paid.

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Anonymous said...

If Geoff didn't hear me say "ooh i love a good hardware shop" every time we passed one, he'd think me ill...