Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve Lunch

Perhaps the greatest lunch of the year (apart from New Years Day / Our Anniversary lunch - more of which tomorrow) is the annual Fitzpatrick Table-For-Three Special at The Wolseley on London's fashionable Piccadilly.

So, with smart shirts and make-up, on we swished into town and breezed into The W. It was buzzing and ringing with precisely the sort of atmosphere you want on a cold weekend lunchtime. Scrap made a beeline for the tiny baguettes and filled his face with clear delight. S and I tucked into a half dozen Mersea oysters.

By the time the schnitzel and the suckling pig - sorry vegans :( - arrived Scrap was full and was content to muck about with Duplo and have his cheeks pinched by attentive staff until this happened...

Chocolate war. No survivors. There was so much chocolate, so much ice cream and so much hot chocolate sauce it took three of us to make sense of it all. We sucked down our drinks and left.

On the way home we decided to take in the fun fair in Hyde Park. Rather predictably, El Scraparelli wanted to go on everything, but made do with a sort of dragon thing, a fire-engine-by-way-of-Disney affair and a very cool blue tow-truck that ploughed up and down a track. Simple pleasures - that's what we like!

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