Thursday, December 28, 2006

Records That Make Me And Silvana Feel Good: 1

Richard Rodney Bennett and Isla Cameron: The Bold Grenadier (MGM Records, 1967)

One day, a few weeks ago now, Silvana was at home not feeling so tremendous. As the afternoon got tired and turned dark she began watching Far From The Madding Crowd on a DVD that was put through our letterbox by mistake (long story).

Anyhow, the important part is this. She absolutely loved it and not just because her beloved Alan Bates is in it. No, it's also a great film that really gets to the heart of the Hardy novel blahblahblahblahblah. And, hello, a lot of the music is wonderful.

Especially this, where Isla Cameron sings The Bold Grenadier. The arrangement must have sounded rather weird and a little disjointed in 1967, but now, nearly 40 years later, you can make the direct links to Massive Attack, Portishead, all that lot. A great, great song. Not available from iTunes. But £13 on eBay got me this original vinyl copy. Oh yes.


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