Thursday, January 11, 2007

Basement Crates: Discovery 14

Caveman: Caught Up (Profile, 1991)
There's a lot of crap talked about old hip hop (some of it here, to be honest), but there are certain tracks that just shine years and years and years later. And this is one of them. Perhaps the only man other than Perry "The Destroyer" Como to ever wear a comfortable knit sweater on the cover of his LP, Caveman was, without doubt, one of the brightest and most sadly missed stars ever to come from the UK hip hop scene (let's talk about Hijack - The Terrorist Group - soon tho').

Full of the most gloriously positive lyrics imaginable and riding a brilliantly sharp set of JBs and 70s jazz samples, Caught Up is a reminder of a time when hip hop had other things on its mind than how much wedge you could make flogging chisel. Having said that, I came home tonight listening to the new Clipse album which is almost entirely devoted to celebrating how much wedge you can make flogging chisel, so don't pay too much attention to my high minded nonsense.

By the way, I know the Wikipedia entry and the Heroes Of UK Hip Hop entry both say the album came out in 1990. Well, my copy clearly says it came out in 1991. So there.

Anyway, enjoy.

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