Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Records That Make Silvana (And Me) Feel Good: 2

Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song (Atlantic, 1970)
Led Zeppelin vs Beastie Boys: Immigrant Song Check (unknown)

As you can see, we're still on a bit of a Life On Mars thing at the moment. It is the best programme that's appeared on British TV in years and this Led Zeppelin track is its theme music. Interestingly, both me AND Silvana have really nail-biting John Simm related anecdotes (because we live such exciting lives. Ahem).

Anecdote 1: Silvana was at the Nibbies last year. The awards took so long, and she had drunk so much wine while waiting for her meal, that she got a bit "confused" and mistook a guy in a black suit for a waiter. "I don't work here," the chap replied, "but I'll try and find out where your pudding is." That chap was Simm and the pudding came in seconds.

Anecdote 2: I was commissioned by Neil to review John's band Magic Alex for Melody Maker in about 1999. Drink was taken. The gig was at a godawful pub in Stockwell more used to hosting tribute bands and there were about three people there - but they were very good. I spilt Guinness all over the nice chap from The Face. Sorry Alex.

Bonus 'Dote: A few years later I interviewed John for Word and a 10 minute phoner turned into a 40 minute chat about films, wives, children, life and music. John, being a friendly sort of cove, suggested that we should be mates as we had so many things in common. But he probably says that to all the hacks...

Anyway, I've never really liked Led Zeppelin. They were always older brother music to me, but Silvana really, really likes this track. And, in turn, that makes me like it too as I am of the belief that if your wife likes something then there must be something to it.

Unless it's The Zutons. .


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John said...

I was there but I wasn't wearing a black suit. Couldn't have been me mate!