Thursday, January 18, 2007

Records That Make Me Feel Good: 13

Keane: She Sells Sanctuary (Polydor, 2007)

Oh my god - it's a miracle! A record I like that isn't some tedious old tosspot whinging on and on and on 35 facking years ago! Of course, it is still an old song, but the idea of Keane - those perennial bed-wetting, chubby-cheeked losers (they're actually top-drawer - and lovely chaps to "boot", but there you go), covering Rock Pigs The Cult's most infamous moment is - well - great.

This is the b-side to the new single, so I'll probably get put inside for posting this.

But don't let that put you off.



Silvana said...

It's nice and everything but a bit kind of wimpy, don't you think?

Neil M said...

bob, bob, bob. it's crap, they have killed a good song, you have ears made of cloth.