Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year / Anniversary!

We left Scrap at Matt and Karen's last night and tottered home without mishap. This morning, the house was very very quiet (though still spinning a little) and we lay in until 8.30am, which hasn't happened for a very long time. Then Robert took me, on my own, out for lunch to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.
Town was deserted. The shops on Neal Street were shuttered and there were no passers-by, until we turned into Chinatown which was (hurrah!) as lively as ever. So too was Robert's very clever choice of Bar Shu, a wonderful Sechuan restaurant. The food was just what a hang-over needs, it was hot, spicy and fragrant. But boy, was it oily, every dish - see those noodles - was sat in at least 2cm of red oil. Certainly cleared our fuzzy heads but didn't do much for a queasy tum. It was a fantastic meal but we are never ever going there again because the 10,000 calories per head, is too high a price. Diet starts in the morning. I mean it this time.


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