Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Records That Make Me Feel Good: 14

Lorraine: She Lives In Gardens (Columbia, 2006 unreleased)

A text book example of how to screw up a band's potential, Lorraine signed to Sony/BMG in early 2006 after tremendously glowing reviews in NME and Time Out (by, um, me and Peter).

The rest of the media got on board, a huge pile of "This band are great!" articles duly appeared about how this was a fine-looking band making exemplary pop records that drew on classic Depeche Mode, New Order, Aha and Pet Shop Boys themes. And then the singles came out in these non-descript sleeves and proceeded to die on their arse.

This is an unreleased track from what may, or may not, appear on their debut album. If it ever appears. Or they might just move back to Bergen and get real jobs.

Which would be a shame, wouldn't it.

BTW: there are more old people and crackly vinyl from the basement coming - don't panic...

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Diego said...


This is an awesome band. These guys have potential and this kind of inventive to have a unique sound.

The song you comment I'm trying to find for years and I did'nt, so, if you can send me please...I'll be really really really grateful with you.

The best wishes from Lima, PerĂº



P.D.: I strongly recomend you this band: