Wednesday, January 31, 2007

London: Literally, "Quite Nice To Look At"

Isn't it amazing how much better you feel when your commute to work is back-lit by that little beauty? Can you see a tiny St Paul's there on the left? For the perfect soundtrack accompaniment, I recommend Our Velocity or Boxes From Books from the new Maximo Park album.

Although, if you prefer something a little more local and a little more vintage, may I recommend the still mystifyingly brilliant New Rose by The Damned. There is a 30th Anniversary edition of their debut LP out in April and we're listening to it twice a day every day at the moment. You know when you say something that reveals a little too much of yourself and wonder whether maybe you should have just kept your mouth shut? I just had that feeling.

Anyway, lunch in the park, anyone?

1 comment:

Silvana said...

Me and Scrap will come and meet you for lunch in the park / pub. He's never been on a real train before.