Thursday, February 22, 2007

Addicted to Chips

Did you see that programme Freaky Eaters - Addicted to Chips on BBC3 last night?
The brat of a 20 year old girl who would only eat beige carbohydrates – white bread, chips, crisps, oh and butter. The thought of eating any other food made her feel sick. Of course, it soon became clear that it was indeed all her parents fault. The psychologist and nutritionist did their best but in the end they couldn't fix her. I thought she was so lazy and unappreciative, they shouldn't have bothered. Next week – addicted to cheese – can’t wait!


Rob said...

I will spend the rest of the day with the phrase "beige carbohydrates" ringing around my head.

Tanya and Michael Storm said...

LOL.. beige carbohydrates.. that is hysterical!