Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sounds Like Tuesday
Music: New And Revisited

Jack Hylton & His Orchestra: By A Waterfall (originally Decca, 1933, this version Lightning Tree Records, 2007) As you can see from the picture, Jack Hylton had his finest moments - of which there were quite a few, some long time ago. However, what was good 75 years ago, sometimes remains good 75 years later. This is just such a tune - as covered by The Bonzo Dog Band in August, 1969. More of this tremendous sort of thing here.

At Swim Two Birds: Wine Destroys The Memory (Green UFOs, 2007)
I feel like I've encountered this lot before somewhere down the line. Anyway, this is a great, great song, a softly rumbling, hungover-to-hell lament much recommended to fans of Richard Hawley and, oddly, Red House Painters. It's not out for a while yet, so don't tell anyone... OK?

Example: You Can't Rap (The Beats, 2007) Example is this chap from Fulham. On this forthcoming Beats single he bemoans the fact that people think, well, he can't rap. Which is a shame as he clearly can. He can also wallop the chemicals, as can be seen - repeatedly - here.

Cyann & Ben: Sunny Morning (Ever, 2006) This is a brilliant track from last year. C&B are artisanal French hippies, basically and this sounds (a little) like an arts & craft Spiritualized. So, not much to complain about there, eh?

I'm really, really hoping it is a sunny morning tomorrow - not for any other reason than it would make me spring into work feeling glad to be alive. Also, I pointed out the pink clouds of a sunrise to The Scrap the other day and he seemed genuinely excited by the prospect. I think he'd like this too...

BONUS POST: Maximo Park: Our Velocity (video).
I'd like to post Books From Boxes from their fantastic new album. But I'd get punched :(


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