Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pop Stars Who Are Nice: 1

I interviewed Brett Anderson in St John's Wood this morning. He was funny and serious and charming and friendly. None of which was a surprise as he was precisely that two years ago when I interviewed him about The Tears (what ever happened to them, eh? Oh, hang on, I know what happened to them...)

Anyway. We had a cup of coffee and he swanned about a bit looking all slim. His phone rang and it was a slightly lady-like Samsung clamshell. Someone called Vanessa spoke. He told Vanessa he was doing an interview and would call her back. Then he apologised. Manners, you see?

Later I asked him if why he never married and why there were no "little Andersons" and he paused for a moment and said, "No comment. Next question." I think maybe there is one and he's keeping schtum.

Anway, I'm transcribing the interview now and the machine I'm working on pitches the recording down for easier typing, um, stuff. Consequently, we sound like the two most tediously self-absorbed basket-cases of aaaa-llll-tiiii-iiiiiime.


jackie said...

you utter, utter ARSEBISCUIT for not telling me you were meeting him! now he'll never know how much i love him :-(

Rob said...

Ha! He said he was waiting for you to make him "a whole person". I'll get "Vanessa's" number for you - she needs working on!