Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Say it with flowers

Or if you prefer, cabbages. I don't know what's going on this year but it's turning out to be better than Christmas today. First I got breakfast in bed then Scrap came into the room and threw a bunch of pretty cabbages at me and then I got a copy of the Silver Spoon cookery book. And now a woman's just knocked at the door and given me a little chocolate whisky bombe cake from Konditor and Cook with a pair of glittery lips on the top! Who said we're obsessed with food in this house? All I need to do now is go back to bed and wait for the day nanny to show up. Ok, ok, Christmas is over already.


jackie said...

big v'day love to the landcroft house crew!

Silvana said...

Thank you Jackie! Has Mr Handsome surprised you with something lovely?

jackie said...

i was spoiled with rococo truffles and really pretty rosebud filled pomander things to make my knicker drawer smell of roses, adn when we staggered home late after the brits, there were white roses adn thistles! He'd been to the florist to select everything himself. most impressive!