Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Records That Make Me Feel Good: 16

Victor Bermon: Unprepared (Hefty, 2007)

There's this spot on my journey to work where I turn right off Rosendale Road towards Tulse Hill train station that always has the most incredible sun rises. Well, it does when it's not fogbound, naturally. This morning the colour of the sun was actually so incredible I thought I was going to crash the car.

I fumbled for my phone as I waited for my chance to turn and rattled off this one quick shot. That's the dirt on the windscreen you can see. I didn't get much of the sun at all, but it didn't seem to matter much, really.

Anyway, had I had a tape of the brilliant new Victor Bermon album playing in the car, this would have been the moment it all made sense, the moment where Australian Bermon's exemplary bedroom-created Eno-esque noodle-doodle points out the fringe of gold round the corner of the trunk and how lucky I was to capture it.

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