Tuesday, February 13, 2007


At the beginning of this year, I put a counter on Landcroft House, just to see if anyone other than my brother or sister ever checked in. I was shocked and delighted to see we average a good 200 visitors a week. The most interesting bit of blogpatrol is that it shows the last 10 Google searches that have led to our blog. On the whole, these tend to be half and half, food and music. Mostly people put in something simple like "gammon with parsley" or very often "Waterboys Book of Lightning" which Robert very naughtily posted a track from before the album has even been released. Today someone searched Google for "A recipe that includes both guinness and porridge". I have written about porridge and Rob has no doubt mentioned drinking Guinness which is why it must have led to us. I am fascinated by this. What do you think they were trying to make? With porridge and Guinness? Maybe something for Valentine's Day tomorrow? If it was you, tell me, what did you make? I'd like to get a new job with Google. I'm sure I'd learn far more about people than by watching reality tv shows.

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