Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bucatini with Brascioli

This a very old-fashioned Italian pasta sauce. My mum has cooked if forever using tough old braising steak and claims it was invented in her home town in Puglia but I'm not so sure about that. Traditonally, the meat is lifted out and served with salad after the pasta and sauce.

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Serves 4
2 x 400g cans plum tomatoes
1/2 tsp dried oregano
3 garlic cloves
bunch of parsley
few rosemary or thyme leaves
pinch of dried chillies
2 tbsp soft sun-dried tomatoes in oil
300g minute or frying steaks (you should get 8 - 10 for this weight)
500g pack bucatini and grated Parmesan to serve

1 Tip the tomatoes into a saucepan with one can of water. Liquidise with a handblender and a little salt until smooth. Stir in the oregano.

2 Place the garlic, parsley, rosemary, chilli, sun dried tomatoes and some salt and pepper in a mini-chopper and blend to make a paste. Spread the paste over the steaks with the back of a teapoon. Roll up to enclose the paste and tie with cotton or string to secure.

3 Drop the meat rolls into the pan and bring to a gentle simmer. Bubble for a couple of hours until the sauce is dark and thickened. Serve with bucatini and pass round the Parmesan.


BLTP said...

sorry am a bit confused is it braising steak or frying steak, if you cook it for 2 hours won't "minute" steaks be tough sounds good just being picky.

Silvana said...

Hi Bltp! I reckon a couple of hours bubbling in tomato (naturally a bit acidic) sauce is enough to tenderise any steak. Because it's cooked to death, it would be a waste to use too good a steak.

Ruth Daniels said...

What a fantastic dish. I'm so glad you shared with Presto Pasta Nights.

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