Friday, September 28, 2007

Records I Can't Stand: 13

Ultravox: Vienna (Chrysalis, 1981)

"This means nothing to me". Yes, that sounds about right, "Midge".


Bright Ambassador said...

I detest Ure with a passion. Ultravox were quite a good post-punk group until he got his hands on them. Listen to Young Savage if you don't believe me.
I love the fact that Joe Dolce kept this unlistenable turd of a song off the no.1 spot.

marmiteboy said...

Oh God yes. I want to stand and be counted too. I always detested this nonsense when I were a nipper (okay a teenager). All my trendy mates thought Ultravox were the bees-knees whilst I thought they were pompous garbage.

It gladens my heart that this was kept from being number 1 by such a truely awful record as 'Shaddap You Face' and it gladens it even more that it pisses people off that it was kept from being number one.

Known as the best number two ever. Well at it was a number two at least :-)

Planet Mondo said...

This is truly awful, a Bo' Rap' for New Romantics. And what committee of idiots came up with the idea of that screechy jarring violin solo? It makes me shudder to think Midge was very nearly a Sex Pistol.

Another R.I.C.S is You Can Call Me Al? - the Steve Guttenberg of songs

Valentine Suicide said...

Whilst I accept that the song is overblown pompous and generally awful. I have memories of walking into a nightclub (disco)to this song down a long dark corridor dressed in fabulous (dreadful) Nu Ro cavalry shirt n'pegs combo. Probably with the barest hint of eyeliner. I remember feeling great, so I dont hate it.

Ultravox under Midge were dire, but I do feel it's time we celebrated Mr Foxx. I understand 'Metamatic's' just been re-issued. Anybody know anyone at Word magazine? Let's start a campaign to get John Foxx ON THE COVER!

As for calling 'You Can Call Me Al' "the Steve Guttenburg of songs". That nails it 100%. Bravo Mondo!

Rob said...

There is not once thing I like about this record, not even the label :(
A Foxx on the cover of Word? Let's start with Basil Brush and take things from there...