Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pop Videos I Was Nearly In: 1

A: Old Folks (London, 1999)
Every now and again I think about A. And more often than not I think of the time I went to Palm Springs with them for a Melody Maker feature. While there, they filmed this video. The building they filmed in front of was their cheap hotel. London Records put me, the photographer and the press officer in a much nicer hotel up the road (and flew us there and back in business). What struck me more than anything during the four days we were there was their enthusiasm for everything. I've still never met another band who just loved it like they did. I remember doing the interview surrounded by bottles of Schlitz and Gatorade and I smoked Camel Wides with the desert sun dropping down behind Bob Hope's house. Later, we played Barry Manilow records on the jukebox in some crappy bar and waved goodbye. They went off to Lake Tahoe and I drove (properly drunk) around the empty, cold hills in the hire car.

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Neil M said...

happy days eh, bob? it's funny, but our time on the inkies was rather grand. i will share some further thoughts shortly as i have a tax return to do and will do almost anything to avoid difficult maths...