Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Don't Forget Them

The Elephants: 5 Minutes (Tapete Records, 2007)
According to their Myspace page, The Elephants are "a 6-piece group based in Copenhagen, Denmark, who loves funny instruments". Loves 'em, they do. They also profess to "loves" "Sweden, New York, Brian Wilson and long walks" which makes perfect sense. Anyway, they are - as you might be able to tell from the photo - a pop group. And one, happily, who write really lovely songs that beg to be described by my inner (hugely lame) rock critic as "keening-vocal'd, jingle-jangle, brass-pimpled wig-shakers".

Oh yes.


Silvana said...

"brass-pimpled wig-shakers" ?

Rob said...

trans: they have trumpets and they're perky!
*realises life's gnawing inanity*
*kills self*

BLTP said...

Oh do keep up Silvana it's clearly not a "glam tinged retro terrace foot stomper " or a "shimmering shard like gem of Nordic gloom pop"
* takes pile of music papers to re-cycling bank sorry "enormo crusty dreadtastic music blurb container "*

Rob said...

you see? perfect sense made there!