Monday, September 17, 2007

The New Piccadilly

I've recently, finally joined Facebook and become a member of my first group,
Go And Have Lunch At The New Piccadilly
It's going to be a fairly short lived membership though. The group's named in honour of a classic London cafe that's due to close down this very weekend. Sadly, we're not going to make it for lunch but Rob and I have worked out a good plan so we can have a last breakfast!

The New Piccadilly, one of Soho's oldest and grooviest caffs, will be closing it's doors for good on September 22. It's too late to save it, but at the very least go and have a spag bol and a frothy coffee there and soak up a bit of Soho history before it's gone for good!

I couldn't agree more. Go before it's too late!


James Franco said...

Your First Facebook group, well done.
I will invite you to some more I think you will like.

Planet Mondo said...

I'd been planning tick off the Chelsea Kitchen in Kings Road but just missed it, I have done Picasso's though. It may be a hit with Gordon Ramsay, but I wasn't that impressed. I've got a horrible feeling Pellicci's in Bethnal Green will be gone before I get visit - Check out for great list of surving and exctinct caff's

Silvana said...

Thank you James, I have joined almost all of your recommended clubs! x

Mondo - they're going down day by day! I used to love Chelsea Kitchen and Picasso's. Very excited about mine and Rob's 8am breakfast trip to New Picadilly tomorrow x

londonlee said...

Picasso's isn't in danger of closing is it?

Silvana said...

Londonlee - I do not think so. I will investigate. Planet Mondo may know something.