Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Charlie's Fingers

Scrap asked his nursery pal Charlie round for tea yesterday. This a new thing for me, a play-date-tea and a 3 1/2 year old who has started fixing his own social calendar. We spent all weekend talking about what we might cook for Charlie and agreed on fish fingers. Anyway, it was very nice, very noisy and Charlie's mum and I were on the cava by 5.30. Luckily, lovely, well-behaved Joseph from over the road came by at the last minute, to set a good example and tackle the fish finger pile.

I know fish fingers are hardly rocket science but they are just yum so here's the recipe anyway. I am a big fan of the hoki fillet.

Makes 12
250g hoki fillet
2 tbsp plain flour
1 egg
1 tbsp finely grated Parmesan
80g dried natural breadcrumbs
half and half sunflower oil and olive oil, for shallow frying

1 Cut the fish into fingers. Dust with flour.

2 Beat together the eggs and Parmesan. Dip the floured fish fingers in the cheesey-egg and then roll in breadcrumbs.

3 Place on a plate and chill until ready to cook. (See pic)

4 Shallow fry for 5 - 8 minutes until dark golden and crispy.


BLTP said...

Are you allowed to make sandwiches with them including tartare sauce and or heinz ketchup (I'm assuming nobody makes their own ketchup) followed by a super mousse for saturday lunch? We may be back to ahngover cures

James Franco said...

That would be the ultimate fishfinger sandwich, and I should know.

Kelly said...

Sounds yummy- would they go with Nigellas quick crispy Calamari???

And wherefore have the little votey things gone??

Silvana said...

Not much can beat a soft fishfinger sandwich with ketchup (Daddies please) and a splash of Tabasco.

I didn't see it Kelly. Did she have a big bum? Is time for new Visitors Poll?

BLTP said...

How about the best ketchup ? certainly not daddies too vinegary;)

Rob said...

Vistor's Poll Suggestion

Has Nigella got a lardy bum?
A: Yes!
B: Of course she has, are you blind?

BLTP said...

Addtional question: Is this such a bad thing in a cook?

Kelly said...

Of course she had a big bum, and I have to say that her voice when written is yummier than when spoken (does that make sense??) Rob's poll suggestion an excellent idea.


How yummy are fishfinger sandwiches?

a)oh, they are yummy.
b) very yummy.
c) so yummy I'm off to make one right now!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

You made your OWN fishfingers, and served Cava to the Mum? Wow, you raised the bar high!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

PS, can all my children come to tea at your house? I'll pass on the fish, but the cava will be just fine.

James Franco said...

I can't believe you are all jumping on my fishfinger sandwich bandwagon.

I told you they were the future, but nobody believed me.

PS. Heinz Ketchup is the best, by a country mile.

Silvana said...

PITK - send yours round for te anytime!

James, it is true, you were the first to write about fishfinger sandwichesbut they haven't won the poll yet! I reckon bacon will make it.

jackie said...

silvana - pls add an option for bacon AND fried egg *salivates*

BLTP said...

The new poll isn't fair obviously all egg sandwiches are Bleurgh! but the others are all great I don't think I could stand the responsibilty of choosing

Silvana said...

Oh come on Bltp! Make your mark - sausage is obviously the one for you!