Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pictures Off The Telly

I love photos taken from the telly, they have a very nice quality. And if you look closely you can usually see something of the room or a faint reflection of the person crouching in front of the screen with their camera so you sort of get two stories in one.

This first picture is from Euro 2004 when our Scrap was just a newborn and we really thought England were going to win. They were playing Portugal and lost the penalty shoot out. The second picture was taken tonight off the telly in my Plymouth hotel room. If anyone wants to email us a photo off the telly, I’ll post it up.

But while we’re on telly, I’ve just seen an advert for Peter Grant. It’s a spoof, right?


marmiteboy said...

I've done this in the past too. my favorite picture was taken on January 1st 1992 when my beloved Southend United FC were top of what is now the Championship (Division 2 in old money) after beating Newcastle 4-0 in a morning kick-off. It didn't last of course but we have never reached such heights since. I still have the photographic evidence though.

Five-Centres said...

I recently came across a photo of the Home and Away credits rolling across the TV screen, taken possibly in 1991.

Why I took this I have no idea.

Planet Mondo said...

Did anyone ever see Nick Rhodes photo's off the telly book, put as his version of an Eno project. Oh Dear!!!

About as good Simon Le Bons sailing, Andrew Ridgleys racing and Gary Numans flying.

Rob said...

everyone's at it... I have a great picture of a tiny Scrap watching Silvana on the telly. Maybe I'll post it.

jackie said...

eeek I haven't seen teh Peter Grant tv ad, however I must confess that he is *one of mine*. Currently also gracing the twix ad soundtrack... (and a sweet little boy he is too)