Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baba Ganoush

I know it's the wrong time of year for aubergines but I had a load left over from work and wasn't in a creative mood so rather than leave them to slowly shrivel in the bottom of the fridge, I made baba ganoush. Predictable I know but blooming gorgeous. Especially with some warmed up lavash bread from Sophocles.

Prick the aubergines in several places then roast at 200C / gas 6 for 30 - 40 minutes until collapsed and wrinkled. Leave to cool a little then peel off and discard the skin. Puree in a food processor then mix some Greek yogurt, salt, lemon juice, olive oil and a little bit of chopped fresh mint.


Bush Mummy said...

One of my favourite things EVER..

Yum Yum. Wish I could get stuck into that.

BM x

los Beckmanns said...

Hola Silvana, Simon and Donna here in Spain. Now I don't know if you have ever wondered who it is in Iraq who more or less daily logs on to your blog? Well it's us. Now the restoration of our house is complete, and we are living here, we have satellite broad band system that uses an American military postal satellite over Iraq. It's the only way I can get to do my blog!
James and Sally y los ninios are on the way out as we speak. Mmm Baba Ganoush?

marmiteboy said...

Wow, that looks fantastic.

I want some now!!!!