Thursday, October 02, 2008

An Important Message To Pop Groups

The Scud Mountain Boys: Reservoir (Chunk, 1995)
I once wrote to The Scud Mountain Boys to tell them how much I liked their Television single. They wrote back to tell me how nice it was to get a letter from 3000 miles away (and some other stuff I can't remember). That's the sort of thing we used to do before the internet. Anyway, we've had some new shelves put up in the bedroom - they're lovely, thanks - and I found this down the back (FYI: it wasn't actually this - it was the original Chunk pressing out of Easthampton, MA, but you can't buy that "no more") and I still think, 'What nice chaps they are...'. A lesson there, I think, for all pop groups. Keep us sweet or, you never know, we may go elsewhere...

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