Monday, October 06, 2008

"Hello? Landcroft House..."

"Hello Landcroft House, it's Patti Smith here..."
"Hello Patti Smith, how are you?"
"Oh, I'm fine thanks! I've, like, got a new film coming out and stuff..."
"Great. Erm, you know what? While you're on the line, could I ask you something?"
"Sure, go ahead..."
"Tell me, what’s the greatest record ever made?"
"Oh God that is the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. That is terrible! Oh God, where do you even start? Oh… I’m thinking. Well, I very much liked Ascenscion by John Coltrane. I could go anywhere with that. But I’m not going to choose that one. It’s probably My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless – because it has everything in it. Which is what I was going to say about Coltrane. The best record ever made has changed a lot during my life! At one point it would have been Blonde On Blonde, then it would have been Coltrane’s My Favorite Things, then Ascenscion, then Electric Ladyland, it needs to be a record that has so many different feels, some visceral emotional experience, great lyrics. Actually, you know what, it’s James Brown’s Live At The Apollo! That’s an incredible experience. A great record should let you lose yourself and engage yourself. You can lose yourself and dance through the whole record. Loveless is like that too. It’s like entering into a new world, like Alice In Wonderland! Actually, today, it’s not James Brown. We’re pushing him aside again. It’s Loveless – I’ll keep that one. Sorry that took so long – it’s such a hard question!"
"No problem. Thanks Patti."
"No biggie, thanks LH..."


Planet Mondo said...

Oh dear God no, not a Pattie Smith film - that'll be endless frowny scowls and rabbit about Rimbaud - did you know she was a Keef obsessive in her younger days and styled her look on him.

Did you also know that The Ramones are huge slade fans - yes, really. The Haircuts are clue 1, the non-stop stompers are clue 2.

You can read all this and more in Please Kill Me - the oral history of the New York Punk scene.

BLTP said...

not sure who these ear plugs are for fans of MBV or Patti bless slightly bonkers ever so intense socks

marmiteboy said...

That girl has got taste I say that much for her.

Rob said...

PM: I felt the same, I must admit, until I spoke to her. She was, well, lovely... What can I say?
BLTP: Ha! Useful...
MB: She has, not a bad record there...