Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing: 38

Reggie Stepper: Cu-Oonh (Techniques, 1993)
I remember this record from "back" in the "day". I have strong memories of waving a beer bottle to it while trying to look nonchalant in a "fashionable" bar. That's not an easy look to master, I can assure you. Anyway, this little beauty can now be found - complete with the sort of deeply authentic crackles that only recycled vinyl Jamaican pressings can deliver - on this marvellous record that you can enjoy in your own home (raised container of "Stripe" optional).

Jesca Hoop: Murder Of Birds (acoustic) (Nettwerk, 2008)
This is one of those happy accidents where I actually played something that I'd sort of decided I didn't like (which is ridiculous). The thing I particularly like about Hoop is she is just the right side of annoyingly kooky. She's also makes interesting noises on her guitar, though I can barely believe I've just written that. But you'll see what I mean when you listen. The rest of this sort of thing is here...


Valentine Suicide said...

I think Jesca may be supporting Elbow at the gig I'm off to tonight, so thanks for the heads-up!

marmiteboy said...

I'd not heard of her until today. Lovely stuff, I'll be seeking out some more of her stuff to be sure.

Cheers Rob.

Rob said...

Hey VS: How was she?
MB: Glad to be of service... How did you get on?